Monthly Archives: June 2013

All the downtime! Also: MongoDB, R7, etc

No data has been generating for the last week for a few reasons:

  • All graph data has been moved from MySQL (500+ million rows) to MongoDB (the actual converting data over only took a couple hours though)
  • At the same time I physically moved to a different machine. This was primarily to get out of OVH’s lacklustre network in Montréal. MCStats is now located in New York.
  • Naturally, Real Life got even busier so what should’ve only taken a day had to be postponed.

Now that the site is back up, what is new?

  • Improved page caching. Most pages (and all API requests) are now cached in Redis. Previously I was using Memcached for caching specific pages but Memcached appeared to have a mind of its own (or it was the php driver) so I took the chance to switch to Redis at the same time which has worked as expected the entire time.
  • Graph generator progress bars have made their way back onto the site.
  • is now more simply
  • The backend now supports compression+JSON requests. The new R7 reporter will take advantage of this once released.
  • Graphs for Plugin Rank have been added (finally). This will be more interesting once the plugin index is finished but it’s there 🙂

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